To respect Heaven and Earth.

To honor Divine Beings.

To be patriotic and self-assured.

To have good behaviors and manners.

To love, respect, and honor parents.

To value Teachers and Elders.

To be faithful to friends .

To get along well with neighbors.

To correct wrong deeds and aspire to virtues.

To clarify the Five Human Bonds and Eight Cardinal Virtues.

To reveal the profound principles of the sages of the Five Religions.

To obey the Four Ethical Principles, Three Mainstays and Five Constant Virtues.

To cleanse the mind and purify the thoughts.

To use properly the physical body for cultivating the true nature.

To revive the free flow of self nature.

To inspire the perfect mode of innate wisdom and vitality.

To establish others as you establish yourself.

To enlighten others as you enlighten yourself.

To bring peace and order to the world.

To infuse human minds with benevolence.

To convey universal harmony to the world.