"When the trees desire to remain calm, the wind does not subside.

When the children desire to honor their parents, they are no longer in the world."

Our parents gave us life. They caressed, sheltered, and guided us. Their care and love for us started in the embryonic state long before we were born. Our parents have a natural loving mind toward us. Without longing for return of merits, they care for us in every single aspect. When we are sick, our parents wake up early or stay up late to take care of our sickness. We eat hearty meals at the expense of their nutrition, have sweet dreams at the sacrifice of their sleep, and enjoy good health to the detriment of their health. They cut their personal needs to satisfy ours. Their love is unselfish, wholehearted and ever lasting. We are greatly indebted to our parents. It is important to repay their gracious sacrifices and enormous kindness before it is too late. However, it must be understood that the practice of Xiao includes but is not limited to feeding and caring for our parents. It does not stop even after they pass away. In fact, Xiao is a continuous and lifelong process of purifying our mind. It is our parents who gave us the body. Therefore, making sure that this body does not fall into evil paths is our basic responsibility as a son or a daughter.