In the Classic of Xiao, Confucius said, "Xiao is the foundation of all virtues, from which cultivation comes to light. Our body, hair and skin are given by our parents. We should not harm them. This is the beginning of Xiao." As it says, all virtues start from Xiao. If we fail to practice Xiao to our parents, all our kindness to other people is just hypocrisy. The Confucian teaching of not harming our body is particularly important nowadays when we are facing a torrent of drugs, intoxicants, alcohol, lethal virus such as Covid19, HIV (AIDS) and HCV (Hepatitis C), violence and porn. Things like gambling and associating with bad companions will certainly bring misfortunes to us. The Buddha said, "Those who do not fulfill their Xiao will fall into Avici, the hell of uninterrupted suffering, when they die." The uninterrupted hell is set up for the most serious offenses in the world, and failure to practice Xiao to one's parents is one of them. Inside Avici, offenders suffer, die and are instantly reborn without interruption until their evil karma is exhausted. There is an old saying: "Once a person achieves Tao, nine generations of his or her ancestors will ascend to the heaven. " The genuine Xiao is to cultivate oneself and become a blessing to the world as well as the parents.

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