When the Great Tao prevails, all in the world are just and equal.

The virtuous and able are chosen to serve the public interest.

Put forth good faith effort and cultivate harmonious relationships. That’s why people love not only their own parents but also the parents of others. People care not only their own children but also the children of others as well. A social covenant is made for the elderly to live their late years happily, the adults to make the best use of their talents, and the young to grow up with proper care and education. The widowers, the widows, the orphans, the lonely aged, the physically challenged and the sick are all well cared for. Men and Women share their appropriate social and family responsibilities. The resources for public use are hated to be idle on the ground, but not necessarily set aside for personal use. The efforts for public wellness are hated not to be exerted by people themselves, but not necessarily devoted for their own benefit. As a result, bad schemes are prevented and then outmoded. Robbery, theft and illegal activities do not take place. Exterior doors do not have to be closed. This is called the Great Harmony.